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Leptospirosis (Weil's Disease):

The disease leptospirosis is caused by leptospira bacteria. It is transmitted to humans by contact with the urine of rats, cattle, foxes, rodents and other wild animals, usually by contact with contaminated soil or water. There are many different types of leptospirabacteria, each tends to be associated with a specific animal species. The most common bacteria in the UK is Leptospira hardjo, which is found in cattle and Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae, which is associated with rats.

The bacteria enters the body via cuts to the skin, or via the nose, mouth or other mucous membranes.In most cases the infection causes a flu-like illness and severe headaches. The severe form of the disease (Weil's disease) causes jaundice and liver damagedamage and carries a reported death rate anywhere between 4-40%. Only about 10-15% of affected people suffer this more dangerous form.


Salmonella is a type of bacteria and is one of the most common causes of food poisoning worldwide.

There are more than 2,000 different types of salmonella, but only two types are responsible for most outbreaks of food poisoning in humans. It is thought that there may be one million cases of food poisoning in humans in the UK each year.

Salmonella infections occur in all farm animals, notably chickens, and in most wild animals. Studies in 1990 showed that about 50% of frozen and fresh chicken contain the bacteria.

In addition, salmonella infections in dairy herds may lead to contamination of milk, which if not adequately pasteurised may cause infection.

Credited with having one of the highest mortality rates of any infectious bacterial disease amongst pigeons, salmonella can remain infective in the environment for 1 year or more, given the right conditions.

Salmonella bacteria passes out of the body in the droppings thus spreading contamination if the birds come into contact with food taken by other birds.

The transmission of salmonella is enhanced by large gatherings of birds at communal roosts or bird tables, and poor hygiene at feeding stations can fuel a outbreak.

Once salmonella passes onto a human, the bacteria multiply in the intestines and within 12-36 hours usually cause diarrhoea, stomach cramps and sometimes vomiting and fever. The symptoms continue for several days and then, in most people, they cease.

If a case of salmonella is suspected, it may be worthwhile to consider a cull on the population of pigeons to reduce the likelyhood of a major outbreak

Bird Droppings (Guano) :

Call it droppings, manure, or guano, but pigeons do more than create unsightly messes in the steeples, towers, and other areas of properties. Their droppings, as well as the ticks and fleas that they carry, can spread fungal, bacterial, viral, and even parasitic diseases that can cause serious and sometimes life-threatening illnesses. Periodic cleaning and removal of droppings are essential to prevent the kind of build-up that can pose a health hazard or result in serious damage to a building. This should not be treated lightly and any removal of infected debris should be performed by trained hazardous-waste professionals

Guano is known to carry bacteria and diseases that could cause respiratory problems such as histoplasmosis, tuberculosis, salmonellosis, and encephalitis -- just to name a few. Common symptoms can appear such as a mild, flu-like respiratory illness with a combination of general malaise, fever, chest pain, dry cough, headache, loss of appestite, shortness of breath, joint and muscle pains, chills, and hoarseness.

The best protection against exposure is to prevent the accumulation of guano in the first place. Therefore, routine maintenance to keep a building secure from bird or bat entry is necessary both before and after they are discovered in a building. Immediate action should be taken to exclude these unwanted intruders by sealing off all entry points and securing louvres and open towers with sturdy mesh screens or nylon "bird-proof" netting.

Pigeons, for example, usually thrive where they eat, and are often fed by well-meaning bird lovers. Therefore, even if birds cannot enter a secured building, they may still linger nearby and gradually begin to roost on window sills, ledges, or adjacent properties. Visual deterrents and noises may initially scare birds away, but these are generally only temporary solutions. There are many different bird-repellent solutions available today, but no product or practice is totally effective. A consultant can help diagnose a particular situation.

Some important things to remember when checking enclosed spaces such as an attic or tower for guano are to take a quick look to assess the situation or just pop your head inside. Try not to disturb or kick the guano since it is most dangerous when airborne and inhaled. For this reason it is essential to wear protective clothing and change immediately after leaving the contaminated space.

When an accumulation of bat or bird guano is discovered in a building, removing it is not always the next step. For example, if guano is located in a space with no human activity, it may be most prudent to leave it undisturbed. Areas known or suspected of being contaminated should be posted with signs warning of the health risk. Each sign should provide the name and telephone number of a person to be contacted if there are any questions about the area. However, it is important to note that years worth of accumulation can cause wood rot and the deterioration of masonry.


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Protec Pest control can arrange to treat your pest problem, and offer a 24 hour 7 days week pest control service.
A thorough inspection of infested premises will ascertain the extent of the infestation, since the measures necessary for control will depend on whether the infestation is established and widely distributed throughout the premises, or recently introduced and likely to be more used.

To eradicate the infestation it will be necessary to treat the premises thoroughly with suitable insecticides, including the beds, other furniture and harbourages of infested rooms. A professional pest control organisation such as Protec Pest control who will treat your pest problem in a professional manner. Protec pest control cover Manchester, Stockport and cheshire for pest treatment. The detection and thorough treatment of all pest hiding places is a job which requires experience in order to completely eradicate the infestation and prevent recurrence.

Many people think they can treat the pest problem themselves, only to find that they make the infestation worse by purchasing household pest control treatments from DIY outlets (B&Q, Homebase, Focus DIY, Taskers, Wickes etc.) with a low dosage of insecticide. This may prove to be an expensive waste of time and money.

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Protec Pest Control use unmarked vehicles, to protect your privacy. Protec Pest control covers Greater Manchester, Cheshire & Stockport areas for residential, commercial, business & domestic pest control. Call us today for more information on our pest control services on 0161 448 1782.

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