Wasp Nest Treatment & Control in Manchester

A Quick Guide To Wasp Nests:

Wasps are a common sight across the country during spring and summer months, and while they are not especially dangerous if left alone, they can become a nuisance if a nest is built in or around your property. Identifying and locating a wasp nest can be quite easy, but the removal or extermination of a problem nest should always be left to trained professionals such as the technicians here at Protec Pest Control.

The easiest way to locate a nest is to watch and track the movements of the wasps themselves. During mid-summer, the nest will be fully established, with a large population and you should be able to see a steady stream of wasps moving to and from a specific area. Wasp nests are often hidden from view in trees, or in roof spaces, wall cavities, sheds or any unexposed sheltered location such as exposed pipework or cracks in stonework.

It is best to be very cautious when locating or moving close to a nest location as you do not want to risk rousing the nest population, or suffer a potential accident yourself if the nest is located in a difficult to reach location. We would always recommend allowing our technicians to locate and approach the nest, as they will have the appropriate safety equipment, training and experience to do so safely.

So What Does A Nest Look Like?

Wasp nests are made by chewing up dead wood, or other paper or fabric materials, and mixing it with the wasp’s own saliva. This pulp is then shaped into a globe or oval, and stuck into the sheltered area that has been chosen. While this may not sound like the sturdiest of construction methods,  wasp nests are surprisingly durable and will increase in size as the population grows over the spring and summer months.

Nests will usually start off as around golf-ball in size, but will expand and grow quickly, with larger nests reaching football or basketball sized. The population of these nests will often be around 10,000 wasps. Depending on conditions and the availability of food and other factors, some nests can grow to immense size and hold large populations of wasps.

It’s therefore best to contact us as soon as possible to deal with the nest before it grows any larger.

The Risks:

It can be tempting to try and deal with a nest yourself, especially if it is reasonably small in size, however there are some important things to remember.

While wasps are not naturally aggressive, they will swarm and defend their nest if they feel threatened. Unlike bees, they are able to sting repeatedly without dying and have been known to follow or chase away people from their nests. The stings themselves are painful and can be dangerous if you are allergic to insect stings or bites. They can also carry a risk of bacterial infection due to the hunting habits of wasps themselves.

What To Do.

Contact us at Protec Pest Control now, we are fully accredited by the British Pest Control Association and approved by Safecontractor and Trading Standards. Our treatments conform to the highest regulatory and safety standards and our technicians can visit at a time suitable for you.

You can contact us via our website www.protecpestcontrol.co.uk or via telephone on 0161 448 1782 to arrange a visit and treatment as soon as possible. We cover the entire Manchester and Stockport areas and will be more than happy to provide you with fast, efficient and cost-effective treatments and advice.

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