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Wasp nests inside, adjoining, or otherwise close to your property are an understandable cause for concern. Wasps are amongst the most aggressive of insects and become only more so as their numbers increase, which will quickly happen if a nest is not brought under control. Even in small numbers, they can be a force to be reckoned with when defending their nest. This is just one of the reasons why PROTEC Pest Control, Manchester, advises against home and business owners in Manchester, Stockport, and Cheshire trying to tackle a wasp nest themselves when a professional solution is available at a very reasonable cost. We outline other reasons below:

The problem with DIY wasp control solutions

Unlike PROTEC’s expert technicians, who deal with wasp nest elimination on a regular basis, most people won’t have dealt with a wasp nest before and will not be as prepared for what to expect. Unless you have clothing that is guaranteed to protect you from wasp stings, you are highly likely to be stung, and not just once. A single wasp can sting repeatedly, so even a small, early-season nest with just a couple of dozen wasps in it can carry the prospect of multiple stings, which can be life-threatening for people with anaphylaxis and very painful for anyone else.

Shop-bought insecticides are something of a gamble, and are rarely as effective as the words on the label make out. You still have to get close enough to the nest to use them, which carries the risks mentioned above. Insecticides are of course poisonous, so you need to be careful not to expose yourself, family members or pets to them, or employees and clients if you are running a business. Many insecticides also contain pyrethrins, a chemical extract from the chrysanthemum plant which have been known to anger wasps rather than kill them!

As industry-recognised pest control specialists, the technicians at PROTEC Pest Control have access to a range of insecticide treatments that are stronger and more effective than those made available to the general public. We also know the best way to use them so that they do not pose a threat to people or the environment. The solution we apply quickly gets to work on the wasps in the nest, which should be left for at least 24 hours afterwards so that returning wasps are also infected – they would get aggressive otherwise if they returned and found the nest gone.

PROTEC’s wasp control guarantee

We have a fixed price of £59.50 for full treatment of the wasp nest – this makes us more than 25% cheaper than what local councils in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire charge for a service that does not come with the PROTEC guarantee.

Here’s what you can expect from PROTEC:

  • If you notify us of a wasp nest that needs to be dealt with, we would normally aim to get the job underway within a day of being contacted.
  • We can work around times that are convenient for you – just tell us when suits you best.
  • You’ll get a professional service that is environmentally, pet and people-friendly.
  • It’s rare that a treatment doesn’t prove effective first time around, but in such instances we would carry out a repeat visit at no extra cost.
  • The nest is entirely safe for you to remove and dispose of a month after treatment as new wasps will not take up residence in and old nest. We charge a small fee if you would like us to remove it for you.

This service from PROTEC Pest Control is available to homes and businesses in Manchester, Stockport and throughout Cheshire.

TREATMENT & CONTROL for wasp infestations in Manchester

Protec Wasp Control Service Manchester, are Professionals in the treatment of wasp nest problems with a fixed price of £59.50. We offer a 24 hour 7 day a week service with no extra charge at weekends. We ensure that your wasp problem is resolved and that the wasp nest treatment is 100% effective. Wasp control Manchester are unlike other large wasp control companies, we guarantee your call will be answered by a person and not by a machine.

Protec Manchester wasp control offers a 24 hour 7days a week pest control service.

Protec Pest Control Wasp Nest Treatment, Fixed Price of £59.50 Per Wasp Nest. Additional Wasp Nest Found During The Visit Will Be Charged At An Additional fee of £20.00 Per Additional Wasp Nest.

Wasp Nest Treatment only £59.50 – Protec Wasps Control Manchester.

Measures to control wasps can be directed at the foraging wasps or their nests.

Protec Wasp Nest Control Manchester, also covers Stockport and Cheshire areas, Wasp nest treatment and eradication with a same day service.

An insecticidal powder will be injected around and into the entrance of the nest. Workers are contaminated when they return to the nest and carry the powder inside, which results in the extermination of the wasp nest. 24 hour wasp control treatment Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire.

Powders are applied using mechanical dusters. Wasp Control Manchester are experienced in the treatment of wasp nests and prevention of re-colonisation with wasp nest treatment in ManchesterStockport and Cheshire which is 100% guaranteed.

RememberProtec Manchester wasp control are the Professionals. We will treat your wasps problems and cover Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire for wasp control treatment.

We provide a safe and efficient wasp control service in your area, and are fully qualified in all aspects of pest control.

All prices are fixed over the phone before we arrive.

Please beware of rogue trades who quote a low price over the phone, We have recently become aware of companies operating in the area who’s costs can be ten times what a reputable local company will charge.

A single treatment is all that is needed activity will reduce over a period of around 12 hours and will be completely clear off wasp activity in 48 hours.

PROTEC PEST CONTROL MANCHESTER will treat the wasp infestation using bait stations in safe locations. wasp are neophobic and may be reluctant to approach DIY bait stations. Our pest control opewaspives are experienced in identifying and locating runs and places of harbourage, and the placement and use of bait to overcome bait shyness. We also provide tamper-resistant stations, having regard to all the circumstances of the infestation, the premises, the people involved and with minimal disruption to business, where appropriate.

Protec Pest control can arrange to treat your wasp problem, and offer a 24 hour 7 days week pest control service.
A thorough inspection of infested premises will ascertain the extent of the infestation, since the measures necessary for control will depend on whether the infestation is established and widely distributed throughout the premises, or recently introduced and likely to be more used.

To eradicate the infestation it will be necessary to treat the premises thoroughly with suitable insecticides, including the beds, other furniture and harbourages of infested rooms. A professional pest control organisation such as Protec Pest control who will treat your wasp problem in a professional manner. Protec pest control cover Manchester, Stockport and cheshire for wasp treatment. The detection and thorough treatment of all wasp hiding places is a job which requires experience in order to completely eradicate the infestation and prevent recurrence.

Many people think they can treat the pest problem themselves, only to find that they make the infestation worse by purchasing household pest control treatments from DIY outlets (B&Q, Homebase, Focus DIY, Taskers, Wickes etc.) with a low dosage of insecticide. This may prove to be an expensive waste of time and money.

Protec Pest Control opewaspives are specifically trained to identify the causes of infestations and to provide an effective solution to your pest control problem with advice to prevent any infestation recurring.

Protec Commercial pest control Manchester offers a pest control services to hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, shops, factories and other commercial premises in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire.

Protec Pest Control use unmarked vehicles, to protect your privacy. Protec Pest control covers Greater ManchesterCheshire & Stockport areas for residentialcommercialbusiness & domestic pest control.

Call us today for more information on our pest control services on 0161 448 1782.

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